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Rabbi’s Corner: It Takes Each of Us

Last Friday as I was leaving services and said “good by” to Steve our security guard, he pulled me aside. “I want you to be aware that there is gang graffiti spray-painted on the tarp of TBS’s fence alongside of the building. It will need to get painted over right ...
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Rabbi’s Corner: Memorial Day Shabbat – Watch Over Those Who Defended & Defend Our Nation

May we gain wisdom in our lives, overflowing like a river with understanding. Loved, each of us, for the peace we bring to others. May our deeds exceed our speech, and may we never lift up our hand but to conquer fear and doubt and despair. (Mishkan Tefilah, page 591 ...
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Rabbi’s Corner: Kicking off our Summer Challenge

This week, we begin reading the fourth book of the Torah, the Book of Numbers, called B’midbar in Hebrew. The word “b’midbar” means “in the wilderness.” The entire book takes place in the wilderness of Sinai as the Israelites travel from Egypt to the Promised Land. The wilderness can seem ...
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