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Echoes of Elul Day 28: Transitions

By Alden Solovy G-d of sacred moments, G-d of endings and beginnings, Hear this prayer for guidance and deliverance As my life moves in new directions, Onto new paths, Into uncertain water. Grant me courage as an answer to fear, As the winds blow, Strength as an answer to doubt, ...
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Rabbi’s Corner: We Are Standing Together As the New Year Begins – Shana Tova!

Photo of TBS’s pomegranate tree by Rabbi Sharon Sobel “You are standing here today all of you…Atem n’tzavim ha-yom kulchem.” These could be the opening words of our Rosh Hashanah liturgy.  Rosh Hashanah begins two days from now on Sunday evening when Jews all over the world gather together to usher ...
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Echoes of Elul Day 27: BEHIND

By Martin Nakell i walk on an unpaved pebbled dirt road. someone walks beside me. on either side, stubble growth abandoned stone and cement buildings, bunkers. a little boy named martin nakell with arm outstretched comes running up behind me. he calls out daddy! daddy! turning, taking him by his ...
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