Israel Needs Our Help

As Shabbat approached in Israel, the fire near Haifa was still raging out of control. At least 43 people have lost their lives, 17,000 residents in the area have been evacuated and the flames are moving toward Haifa University and Haifa neighborhoods.

The Jewish National Fund, to whom many of us have given or received the gift of a tree being planted in our honor, reports that the fire equipment being used is outdated and unable to bring this fire under control.

Israel is turning to the world for help at this time to help fight the worst fire in Israel’s history. And as a community who is all too familiar with the pain a fire like this can cause, it is our turn to reach out and help those who are now in need.

Please consider contributing to the Jewish National Fund or the a fund created by the Union for Reform Judaism/ARZA.

At this time of celebration of light, we pray that this fire will be extinguished soon and that healing comes soon to the land and her people.

Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi Heidi Cohen

You can also read more about the fire by clicking here.

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