Echoes in Sound and Spirit – Day 2

2 Elul 5773
By Josh Friedman

As an audio engineer and musician I have a deep understanding of echoes, the result of reflected vibrations that are sent through space and interpreted as sound. A vibration begins, reflects, returns, and delays, slightly altered by its surroundings. As it reaches our ears, our minds interpret the echo. We quickly, subconsciously contemplate the origin of the sound and the space through which it traveled. Is it familiar or foreign? Am I safe or must I proceed with caution? Echoes are an important part of survival, and they apply to more than just sound.

Throughout our daily routines we consciously and subconsciously instigate and evaluate a significant variety of vibrations. These echoes are caused by individual attitudes and interpreted by mindsets. Similar to sound, personal vibrations can alter our emotions causing anger, fear, joy, sadness, fondness, love, hate, and a cavern full of other feelings. Emotions are energy that affect our daily actions and the actions of those around us. As a result each moment poses a challenging introspective dilemma, “When the vibration bounces off of me, does it return better or worse than it was when it reached me?  Where did it come from, and how do I affect it before it reaches others?”

In the month of Elul I think of the function of Jewish law and its ability to guide the Jewish people when dealing with echoes. Our tradition teaches us how to instigate, evaluate, and return echoes so that when our souls enter a space, attitudes can be changed for the better. The challenge is introspection. If each one of us can be as aware of our own vibrations as we are of others, then we may alter the vibes that we instigate and reverberate. We may try harder to reflect the positive vibrations of those we respect in order to initiate a mutual respect with all souls, every moment of the day.  These actions result in peace. I believe that the Messianic Age will be defined as the result of inner peace achieved by all. It will mean the destruction of all negative vibrations, resulting in a world that echoes inner peace among all people, bringing them together in one positive vibration. This is the power of an echo. Our challenge is to develop a deep enough understanding of our own vibrations and how they can affect every moment of life without delay. Throughout the month of Elul, I challenge myself to be more mindful of echoes in sound and in spirit with the hope that others echo the same desire. Let us share a moment of inner peace.

3 Responses to Echoes in Sound and Spirit – Day 2

  1. Elizabeth Cohen August 8, 2013 at 8:41 am #

    Excellent essay. Thanks Josh

  2. Jill Weinthal August 8, 2013 at 11:17 am #

    Yasher Koach Josh! Thanks for that thoughtful piece.I resonated Elul.

  3. Jeff Merkow August 8, 2013 at 4:21 pm #

    This is a great next step in processing, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” In this age of texting and tweeting, it’s an even greater challenge to consider the potential impact of one’s tone and attitude in direct, in-person and one-on-one communications. Think before you speak, pause before you react both take on a new life of their own. Thank you for being the first to contribute to “Echoes in Sound and Spirit.” You’re an excellent writer.