A Reflection on Positive Change

By Mike Winston, President

As the High Holy Days approach each year, my wife Mimi and I like to reflect on the previous year. We remember the good things, but also think about the challenges that come with raising two young kids. We share our high and low moments, what made those moments meaningful, and what problems we encountered. We have found that without an open discussion and a deliberate plan each year, nothing really changes. Without actively altering the trajectory of our actions, we continue to act and proceed in the same way we did last year. In our last newsletter, I outlined three areas that I would like to see TBS focus on this year: our membership base, our financial stability, and our future leaders. These are areas where the board and staff will research, plan, and develop constructive steps for positive change.

I had the opportunity to meet with Rabbi Lipper shortly after he arrived in Orange County. During a conversation about rebuilding and coming back from COVID restrictions, Rabbi Lipper said something that was very inspiring to me. He said, “If we ever wanted to try something different, this is the time.” This is so very pertinent to what we are trying to do. What was done at TBS in years past may not necessarily be what is best for TBS moving forward. We know that change is not always easy, but it is often necessary. Now is the time to renew and rebuild with creativity, while we recognize and respect the foundation and traditions that have made TBS an exceptional congregation.

With this year’s High Holy Day theme “Return and Renewal” in mind, I ask you to think about the following: as you return to our beautiful facility, how are you able to help and to shape our renewal? What conscious change(s) are you willing to take on? Is it coming to Shabbat services once a month, is it attending our popular Torah Study, or is it coming to an adult learning session? Are you able to bring someone new to TBS and introduce them to our community, or are you willing to introduce yourself to someone you don’t know and get to know them? Are you willing to stretch your financial contribution or donate your time to Mitzvah Meals or to a TBS committee? What active role are you willing to take for the renewal of TBS? However you choose to help, your efforts will be greatly appreciated by our congregational family. Thank you in advance for being an integral part of our future success!

L’Shanah Tovah, A Sweet New Year.

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