Adult B’nei Mitzvah – Class of 2018, Beginning Fall 2016!

I am excited to announce the start of our next Adult B’nei Mitzvah program, starting this Fall.  The program is a two-year commitment to studying Hebrew, texts, and Jewish concepts and perspectives.  Adult B’nei Mitzvah is more than just a class—it is a community that builds and creates special bonds along the journey.  You can ask anyone in the congregation who has been a part of this special niche community and they will echo their warm memories of their experiences and their transformation through the knowledge that they gained.

The program has two components—a Hebrew component, which begins with the basics.  Thus, you need only the determination to learn and practice Hebrew and not a previous background in the language (For those who have a previous background in Hebrew, this component can be a review.  Students who desire to pass out of the Hebrew component can meet with me to determine if they qualify).  The Hebrew component expands within the first year and into the second year to focus more on reading of prayer and, eventually, Torah.  The second component is the Beit Midrash we create within our community—our own House of Study.  We study Jewish texts, ideas, philosophy, history, and we have a great time reading a couple of books together as the “adult b’nei mitzvah book club.”  Our discussions are spirited and enlightening.

Students in the Adult B’nei Mitzvah program often find themselves getting together outside of class to study and practice their Hebrew, attend services and Saturday morning Torah study together, and build what is a special chavurah.

The Adult B’nei Mitzvah program will culminate after two years in a group service, led by all students in the program.  The service will happen on Saturday, June 9, 2018.

This year, the program will meet on select Sunday mornings (9:30-11:30 am) and Tuesday evenings (7:00-9:00 pm) beginning September 18, 2016.  Two special Shabbat morning services are also scheduled in 2017 as times to learn and practice the service elements.  A full calendar is listed below.

Class space is limited to provide all students with the best experience possible.  If you would like to save your space in the program, you may now register.  Program fees are $360 for the two-year program.  Please contact Marla Vaughter to save your place now at or 714-628-4620.

If you have questions about the program, please feel free to be in contact with me.  I am incredibly excited for our new cohort of adult b’nei mitzvah to gather, study, and become leaders of prayer.

Cantor David Reinwald


Sept. 18 (Sun)
Oct. 18 (Tues)
Oct. 30 (Sun)
Nov. 15 (Tues)
Dec. 4 (Sun)
Dec. 13 (Tues)
Jan. 8 (Sun)
Jan. 24 (Tues)
Jan. 28 (Shabbat Morning)
Feb. 7 (Tues)
Feb. 28 (Tues)
Mar. 14 (Tues)
Mar. 26 (Sun)
Apr. 8 (Shabbat Morning)
Apr. 23 (Sun)
May 2 (Tues)