At the Intersection of Israel and Orange County – Day 23

23 Elul 5774
By Karin Altonaga

Shema Israel! As Jews we will always love Israel. Miraculous, Complex, Dysfunctional, Amazing and Everlasting Against All Odds – Except God’s Odds! But Israel Reflected in Orange County – What is that about?

Israel with 8+ million people compared to the OC with 3+ million people – a world apart yet Israel is in our midst.

Israel in our OC hearts – Flexible Heart Stents – Saving Lives in the OC and far beyond!

Israel in our Stomachs – not just good food but the “PillCam” – swallow it and watch it travel through you on your doctors video screen and deal with indigestion and more!

Drugs to treat MS, Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinsons, Lasers to disable Cancer, SIDS prevention with BabyBeat, Spine Assist – a robot for spine surgery, an optical heart monitor on your wrist, a Trauma Wound Band Aid (invented by IDF soldiers and what saved the life of Gabrielle Giffords in Tucson, AZ) have or will make their way to the OC.

See the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS in the OC – and a Cure for ALS being developed in Israel.

Israel in my salad? Cherry Tomatoes invented in the Negev Desert in Israel.

Israel in my computer?? USB Flash Drives/SanDisk, Remember the Intel 8088 chip? Software Security, Microsoft R&D, Google ( Google Suggest Search and even Digitized Dead Sea Scrolls), HP, IBM etc.

Seeing the world through Israel through Solar Windows on office towers in the OC – it will happen!

Israel in my backyard? Drip Irrigation invented on an Israeli Kibbutz.

Israel on the OC Streets and Highways through Waze – Real Time Traffic App for your GPS.

An Electric Car? The best Battery technology – developed in Israel.

Israel in the sky – Drones invented by Israeli Abraham Karem and manufactured by Karem Aircraft in Lake Forest, Orange County.

Israel in the News – In the OC Register, on the Evening News and in our Mobile Devices – Always in Conversation in the OC.

Israelis living in Irvine – driving by on the 405.

Orange County natives living in Israel – praying at the Western Wall.


Israel and Orange County – one inside the other. Intertwined.
Connecting/Affecting/Healing/Reflecting – not as far away as you may have thought!


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  1. Jeff Merkow September 18, 2014 at 12:18 pm #

    Excellent write-up. Thank you.