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TBS Student’s Mitzvah Project

I am very proud of Josh Green and his friends from this year’s B’nei Mitzvah class and from his neighborhood and school who came together recently to make blankets for Orangewood.  It all started when Josh came to class one Sunday morning and asked them to join him at his house for a blanket making […]

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Reaching out to the Santa Ana Community Center

Monday night brought tragedy to the Southwest Community Center in Santa Ana.  A fire broke out before midnight in the part of the building where gifts and food had been stored.  Hundreds of crates of food and stockings for a holiday party this coming weekend  were destroyed along with other donations.  The center was expecting […]

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To Blog or Not To Blog

Welcome to the Temple Beth Sholom Blog!  While I would say this is the first blog for TBS, it’s not really true.  There have been TBS blogs before – the diaries from our congregational trips to Israel, the Post Confirmation Trip to New York and other random posts about life at TBS.  However, this is […]

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