Rabbi’s Corner: Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

(Photo: Carole-Ann Gordon) On Shabbat, we typically light two candles. Why? Because in the Torah the Ten Commandments are repeated twice, the first time in Exodus 20 and the second time in Deuteronomy 5. The commandment about Shabbat differs slightly between these two repetitions. In Exodus 20:8 we are told to “remember” (zachor) the Sabbath […]

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Shaloha Summer Backyard Bash

Come and enjoy wonderful friends, good food, and great music! The food will be both regular and Hawaiian themed BBQ as well as vegetarian options. Saturday, August 27, 2022 5:30 PM TBS Patio Register Here Members Wristbands: $70 per person | Designated Driver: $40 Non-Members Wristbands: $80 per person | Designated Driver: $50 Raffle items, […]

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Rabbi’s Corner: The Road Ahead

This summer, like last summer, road trips across the great USA are very popular. We’re hankering to be “out and about” after living with Covid-19. One of my aunts and uncles have an RV and are traveling cross country for a few years. They’ve never done anything like this previously. They travel for awhile, stop […]

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Havdalah and Tisha B’Av Service

Tishah B’Av, observed on the 9th (tishah) of the Hebrew month of Av, is a day of mourning the destruction of both ancient Temples in Jerusalem. Liberal Judaism never has assigned a central religious role to the ancient Temple, so mourning the destruction of the Temple may not be particularly meaningful to liberal Jews. In […]

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Echoes of Elul 5782

TBS is pleased to announce the return of our popular blog called Echoes of Elul. Submissions are now being accepted. Our theme is: New Beginnings. “I believe there are echoes of a Divine Spirit all around us. But only if I take deliberate time to be present, can I connect with them. If I exercise […]

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Rabbi’s Corner: Unlikely Heroes

When you visit me in my office, you’ll find a crocheted “Ruth Bader Ginsberg” doll, made for me by one of my friends, sitting on a shelf. As I carefully unpacked “Ruth” this week, I showed her to someone who asked, “Is she your hero?” I replied, “I don’t have any heroes. I believe each […]

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Rabbi’s Corner: On the Shooting in Illinois

Thank you for the beautiful and warm welcome I received my first Shabbat this past week. I was still “floating on air” from the joyful celebratory reception when I heard the heartbreaking news about the shooting in Highland Park, Illinois on the 4th of July. As many of you know, two weeks after I signed […]

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