Bubbe & Zayde’s Place and TBS Shabbat Volunteer Initiative

Approximately 20 years ago, Alan Friedman z’l. and Sarah Schweitz began a program on behalf of TBS wherein volunteers would lead Shabbat services for Bubbe & Zayde’s Place, a live-in Jewish retirement home roughly 4 minutes from TBS. It is owned and operated by Bonnie Curkin and her son-in-law, Shimon Cagan. They are wonderful people and are so grateful for all we have done as a community over the past 20 years, and we continue to do so each week!

When Alan became ill, he asked Alan Shebroe to take his place for the first Friday of the month. When he passed, Shebroe took on the general maintenance of the program. Shebroe has been taking care of it ever since and Sarah continues lead on week 2 of every month. Today, we have three pairs of volunteers and one from HaNefesh — — two pairs from TBS who continue to perform this mitzvah each week. But we need and least TWO MORE individuals, one pair, with an hour a week to spare for the third Friday of each month.

The commitment would be for as many months as you can offer, one hour per month. In the beginning, Alan wrote a scaled down prayerbook, a version of which we still use today. Each set of readers does a different version of the service, depending on their ability and preference. There is no set format. Some do it entirely in English, others mix the Hebrew and English. If you are interested in joining this legacy TBS mitzvah program, please contact Alan so he can answer any questions and discuss the possibility of doing this tremendous mitzvah for the seniors of our community.On behalf of Bonnie, Shimon, Sarah, and Alan, thank you for your consideration.

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