Bylaw Revision

The TBS Board of Directors felt the bylaws needed some clarification and updates based on comments made at the most recent congregational meeting. A bylaw committee was formed with Andrea Wasserman, Todd Litman, Mike Rubin and Jack Holmes. After several months of review, writing and editing, the committee submitted various proposals to the board which were discussed, edited further, and ultimately approved for submission to the congregation. These are the highlights. The actual redlined bylaws, containing the edits, are available here for your review as well. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to any committee or board member.

Jack Holmes
Bylaw Committee Chair

General discussion points, the exact language is in the posted relined version:

1. Creation of a “Miscellaneous” section, as Article XV, for definitions and changes which do not fit neatly into existing sections and to make future modifications easier to draft and for members to locate.

2. Delete Article I, Section 6, and create a new Article VI, section 10, to add a specific California Code section and language for board member indemnity. This clarifies the legal protections board members receive for conducting their official board duties.

3. Article III, Section 2, (Non-Jewish member vote) This modification allows non-Jewish temple members to vote at congregational meetings.

4. Article XV, Section 1 – provides definitions of auxiliary and affiliate groups.

5. Article VI, Section 8 (modified) and Section 9 (eliminates existing and creates new) notice provisions. These sections address emergency and standard notification provisions for board meetings and other official temple communications.

7. Article VIII, Section 4 – Remain in Office – Emergency Term Extension: this

modification allows short term extensions of otherwise termed out executive board

members when there is no available replacement, on an emergency board approved

basis, for three months with one additional three month extension. This modification is

limited to the executing board based on critical operational needs.

8. Article VIII, Section 5 – Modification – Order of Succession: the current bylaws only

list the Executive Vice President (EVP) as being able to replace the President if

necessary. However, it does not address temporary absences or inability of the

president when the office of the EVP is vacant or also unavailable. This clarifies which

board officers, in which order, may fill in for the president. More specifically, 1.

Executive Vice President, 2. Treasurer, and 3. Secretary.

9. Article 8, Section 7, Sub(s) (c) and (d). Strike the following from both sections: “and supervision” . It was felt this was duplicative supervision over staff which can be accomplished by the president and executive director.

10. Article IX, Section 1, Sub (a) – nominating committee. Eliminates restrictions on who can serve on the nominating committee and allows for directors to be submitted for board positions by congregational submission.

11. Article XI, Section 7 – Roberts. This clarifies the prior bylaw changes which eliminated the restrictive “Robert Rules” as mandatory. Roberts is not required and that policy conforms with URJ advice. At the most recent congregational meeting some people indicated they had not understood the change; this modification provides additional clarification.

13. Article VIII, Section 9, sub (b), check writing: this modification allows for single check signors when a check is issued for recurring expenses which were already approved by the congregation in the current budget.

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