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For more information on Camp Katan call the preschool office at (714) 628-4640



Looking forward to a Summer of Fun at Camp Sholom Katan!

At Camp Sholom Katan, an extention of the Temple Beth Sholom Early Childhood Center, and a prelude to Camp Sholom, your preschooler will enjoy an on-site summer camp experience in our beautiful and enriched early childhood setting. Our professional preschool staff put on their counselor hats to welcome your child to the fun filled days of summer. We begin each day, at Camp Sholom Katan with friendship and songs. Traditional camp music, new melodies and old favorites provide a robust way to begin our day.

Activities Galore
Our indoor classrooms are the gateway to summer activities including cooking, art, drama, story time, science and play! Our outdoor classroom builds on the fun and discovery adding further exploration into a child’s natural world. Children discover the tiniest creatures in our garden while searching and sampling our summer crop of fruits and vegetables. Sand and water play, large block construction and a play yard
that stretches every child’s imagination contributes to your child’s creative day!

Water Play
Sliding down a water slide, wading in our small pools, or splish splashing at the water tables add the cool side to hot summer days. (Children should bring a daily change of clothes)

Shabbat at Camp Sholom Katan
Preparing for Shabbat and Shabbat sing-a-long makes Fridays a special day at Camp Sholom Katan. Children bake Challah or a treat to celebrate the sweetness of Shabbat.

Special Guests*
Each week, special guests and activities bring joy to your child through entertainment and hands-on experiences that create meaningful and stimulating learning opportunities. Music, plays, dancing, insects and animals are just a few of the events your child will delight in.
*At this time we have no special guests because of covid19.

Become Part of the Action!
See the enclosed insert for scheduling and registration information. Give your child(ren) the opportunity to be part of the action at Camp Sholom Katan. For further information, please call the Early Childhood Education office at (714) 628-4640 or email Tamara Levin at