Moms and Babies Holiday Gift Drive for Casa Teresa

TBS is proud to announce that our next Social Action/Justice program will support Casa Teresa; a residence for homeless pregnant women. Currently, 20 women reside in two homes; one for women who are pregnant and the other for new moms and their babies.
Prior to Covid, Mitzvah Meals provided food for the residents; now individuals are volunteering to cook meals for Sunday dinners.

To launch our relationship with Casa Teresa, we have “adopted” 5 moms and infants for Christmas gifts. The moms have a “wish list” that we will fulfill no later than November 23rd. A list of items is available via As you know, baby’s necessities can be expensive. We suggest that you join friends and family to purchase items such as car seats and strollers.

Beginning in January, Casa Teresa will be our Mitzvah of the Month.

Direct link to the registry:

*At checkout, please make sure to choose “Shipping to the address on Steffanie’s baby registry” and not your home 🙂

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