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Sing a Purim Song

It’s felt like Purim in my house since December.  That obnoxious toy that Uncle David bought Adina for Chanukah not only plays “Old McDonald,” every time she presses the cow button, but it also plays a Purim song from one of my earliest childhood memories.  Our music lady, Sandy Paskus, played piano as we all […]

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D’var Torah Parashat Mishpatim

By Tami Weisman, Education Intern “Cynthia and Lisa built a house for their puppies and I said can I play and they said no because I don’t have a puppy only I have a kitty.” This is the longest sentence that little, shy Clara has spoken in school to date. There is more to come. […]

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D’var Torah: Beshalach, Shabbat Shirah

By April Akiva, MAJE What is the connection between Tu B’Shevat and the Exodus from Egypt? Each year parashat Beshalach, which recounts the Israelites crossing the Sea of Reeds, coincides with Tu B’Shevat, the Jewish New Year for trees and produce.  While on the surface there are no obvious associations between the holiday and the […]

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