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Welcoming Our Matriarchs – Rebekah

Rebekah – By: Deborah Jankowski 1.  Introduction-Genesis 24-28 Daughter of Bethuel and mother (not named, but important) Granddaughter of Milcah, sister-in-law of Abraham Brother was Laban, father of Leah and Rachel Wife of Isaac, who was 40 when we met Mother of Jacob and Esau 2.  Early life I was very young, very beautiful, a […]

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Welcoming Our Matriarchs – Hannah

HANNAH – By: Nancy Silverman Overview My name is Hannah.  Hannah means graciousness:  kindness, warmth, mercy, compassion.  I am the Mother of Jewish Spirituality. I am one of the two wives of Elkanah, although I was his favorite wife.   He favored me because the Lord had closed my womb.  Penninah was his other wife.  We […]

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