2011 Chanukah Appeal

Dear TBS Congregational Family,

As Chanukah – the Festival of Lights, has come to a close, we were reminded of the miracles our ancestors experienced in the rededication of the Temple in Jerusalem. Chanukah is the story of the small Jewish band of soldiers who were able to defeat the great Assyrian king and army. It was through their undying devotion to their community and place of worship that they were able to stand together in support of the vision for a Jewish future for themselves and their children.

Today, we hold on to this vision to sustain our congregational family and the hope that our work will create a future for the next generation. Together, you and I work to strengthen our synagogue – bringing meaning in our lives and opportunities to dream for a Jewish future. But we cannot do this alone. Each of us holds the responsibility of ensuring the sustenance of our congregation for today and tomorrow.

Chanukah CandlesAnd so I ask you, as 2011 comes to a close, please seriously consider making a contribution to Temple Beth Sholom. Please be my partner in ensuring that our congregation is able to continue the sacred work we do each and every day: caring for all of our congregational family in times of need and simchah; educating our children and expanding our own knowledge through the wide selection of educational experiences for all; and allowing us to gather socially, building the bonds of Jewish community and peoplehood; and finally, being able to come together to celebrate Shabbat and each of our holy days.

Together as partners we can continue to experience the miracles our ancestors witnessed in days past while creating new ones for today and into the future.

Thank you for all your love and support of TBS and may each of us be blessed with goodness in the days and weeks ahead.


Rabbi Heidi M. Cohen

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