Congregation B’nai Israel and Temple Beth Sholom Present


Three people who changed the sound of Jewish music and synagogue worship: Cantor Jeff Klepper and Rabbi Dan Freelander (Kol B’Seder) and the late Debbie Friedman. They gave us the memorable melodies that have stood the test of time: “Shalom Rav,” “Or Zarua,” “Lo Alecha,” “Mi Shebeirach,” “Not By Might,” “L’chi Lach” and “Oseh Shalom”—to name but a few.

This year, Kol B’Seder celebrates 40 years of making meaningful, fun and vibrant music together, and as part of their show, presents a moving tribute to their close friend and colleague Friedman, whose untimely death in January 2011 saddened the world of Jewish music.

Recognized today as the cutting edge of a movement that re-invigorated the synagogue and Jewish camp music, Klepper and Freelander’s music continues to thrill audiences everywhere, young and old.

Deeply affected by the death of Friedman, the duo now includes a tribute to the late performer as a standard part of their concerts, performing some of her most well-known songs and reminiscing about their personal experiences with her.

Jeff and Dan have written, “Singing Debbie’s glorious music is our way of recalling her presence and her creative spirit, which continues to inspire us. We hope that the collective voice of everyone present will help us recreate the joyful spirit that was at the core of Debbie’s music, and which is now up to all of us to carry on.”

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