Day 10 – Afternoons Out of Africa

10 Elul 5775
by Mark and Flossie Friedman

As part of our commitment to experiences over things, travel has always been a passion of ours; broadening our horizons, experiencing new places and activities, and the thrill of being a part of something that is very different from our normal Orange County life. One never returns from an adventure as quite the same person. Perspectives and understandings change as well as appreciation for our good fortune living here with the life we have.

Our safari in Tanzania brought all of this to a new level. Experiencing the animals in their natural environment, seemingly unaffected by human influence, made us feel like we were truly in the world as G-d created it. The majesty of these animals just living their lives has been imprinted into who we are and our world view.

The other life-changing aspect of our trip was seeing and learning about the lives of Tanzanians. Our Masai guide shared much of his culture and life with us as well as his efforts to bring education to his people through building a school. We went on a hunt with Hadzabe bushmen who subsist today as hunters and gatherers, yet their children chase each other and giggle just like our kids. We came to understand on a visceral level not only how materially privileged we are, but also how people without those material privileges can still lead lives that are fulfilling to them, that what is of value to us may not necessarily be of value to others.

Around Arusha Aug 2014_11 Elephant at Safari Lodge Water Hole Aug 2014_24 Girl Near Lake Eyasi_7 Hadzabe and Datoga Tribes Aug 2014_65 Serengeti Lions Aug 2014_17

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