Day 11 – When the Leaves Dance for Me

11 Elul 5776
by Rise’ Kirbo

My Dad let go of life as the sun went down
I sat at his bedside as he took his last breath on the last day of his life
It was October and the leaves were in full color
They were swaying and fluttering outside the windows
There was a song on the wind that brought joy to the trees
Eternal and hypnotic
And it comforted me

My Dad was buried next to my Mom
The same spot I had stood on 42 years before
A traumatized young girl saying goodbye
Watching her Mom lowered into the void
All alone into the cold and dark forever

My Dad was lowered to rest next to my Mom
I sat surrounded by family and friends
The words and prayers were simply a backdrop
My eyes were on the leaves

They shimmered and swayed for me.
Showing me the strong vibrant color of one side
And the vulnerable pale side underneath
Inviting me to see all the beauty and oneness of life

I was consumed with an overwhelming sense of peace and happiness
I felt the beautiful presence of my Mom
I felt my Mom and Dad reunite
I felt all their love showering down on us
As we sat, bathed in the glow of their reunion

My Dad’s death inspired the leaves to dance for me
It was his last gift.
And now when I am sitting at a window
Or walking outside
I see the leaves
Even with my eyes closed
I see  the leaves
Lifting and turning on the wind
And I am reminded again
Of the infinite beauty
Of Life and Love



One Response to Day 11 – When the Leaves Dance for Me

  1. Rhea Dorn September 16, 2016 at 1:46 pm #

    Thank you for your deeply moving poem. It brought back memories.