Day 16 – Traditions Arise Through Generations

16 Elul 5776
by Joelle Escoe

It’s Friday night and the end of a very busy week full of dance lessons, homework, commuting to and from work. We could a) go to the movies b) go out to dinner c) stay at home and celebrate Shabbat and finally sit down to dinner together as a family. On the Friday nights that we decide to celebrate Shabbat I always take the time to reflect on my mom, my grandma and great grandma who taught me the importance of Judaism and how to keep a Jewish home. I can imagine my Nana closing her eyes and waving her hands over the beautiful silver candlesticks that we still light today. Her mom brought them over from Russia in the late 1800s so they’ve been in the family a long time. It always feels magical when I light the Shabbat candles especially now that I do it with my 9 year old daughter.  The way the candles illuminate the room there is always a sense of peace and tranquility. May we all find illumination in the traditions of the High Holidays.


One Response to Day 16 – Traditions Arise Through Generations

  1. Mary Huniu September 19, 2016 at 2:33 pm #

    So sweet, Joelle!