Day 17 – Monica’s Thoughts

17 Elul 5776
by Monica Engel

How’s your day going?  I’m sure you’ve been asked that rhetorical question by your local bank teller or store clerk. Now I’m asking… how is your day going?

My best days are when I reach out to a friend I haven’t called in too long a time, when the eyelashes on my Mini make somebody smile, when I drop a coin in the collection box at the grocery store or a dollar to the musician who makes beautiful music outside of Trader Joe’s   I also love to cook for family and friends, shop for back to school stuff with my granddaughter, take the jobless man and his young daughter standing in front of the 99cent store into the store to purchase $10 in groceries for them.  I’m also happy when the Mitzvah Meal kitchen is filled with volunteers and the Mitzvah of the Month containers are filled.
So really, how is your day going? Is it enjoyable or blah? If you want to brighten it, here are a few suggestions. Join the amazing group that works Mitzvah Meals on any Sunday you’re available. Read the thank you notes from the families receiving our Mitzvah of the Month. The most recent addition to my own happiness: I am taking the WE pledge, an inspiring nationwide program that was recently featured on Channel 4 with kids as young as seven and hundreds of teens and families who have been motivated to “repair the world”. Check it out on Google, or
In the end, it’s not how I fill my day, it’s how my day fills me.


One Response to Day 17 – Monica’s Thoughts

  1. Elizabeth V Morrow September 22, 2016 at 3:08 am #

    Nicely expressed Monica. Shanbah Tovah to you and your family.