Day 17 – Shut Up and Sing

17 Elul 5775
by Dr. Stacy Nagel, TBS Sisterhood President

As you may have heard, the song of summer 2015 is “Shut Up and Dance”. I’ve heard. And heard. And heard. And you know what? I really love singing this song!

Singing always has been a huge part of my life. Growing up, my mom would make up songs for EVERYTHING. From washing the dishes to taking out the trash, my mom creatively wove every mundane task into an amazing concert. We also went to every musical and I would save my money to buy the soundtrack so I could memorize all the words.

Now as an adult, I still sing in my home. I sing in my car, in the shower, and in the grocery store while checking out the ripeness of a melon. Although I’m not the best singer, it doesn’t matter. My kitties, whom I sing to on a daily basis, think I’m phenomenal.

Songs are a vital part of many of our lives. There are songs I sing at TBS with my Sisters that remind me how we build Jewish relationships together and nourish each other’s souls. There are songs that I sing about my two beautiful daughters as I watch them grow. I have songs that I sing about my affection for my beloved husband of thirty years. Songs help us celebrate life’s victories and precious moments. They lift us when we are feeling blue or grieving. No matter what else goes on in life, the music will get you through.

So, as we prepare for our New Year, I simply cannot wait to hear the new songs! And, I’ll be continuing to sing the old ones too. “She took my arm. I don’t know how it happened. We hit the floor and she said…”

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