Day 25 – A Promise Kept

25 Elul 5775
by Len Goodman


Today the B’nai Mitzvah study ends and begins.

This morning I awoke.

She is not at my side, her presence is here throughout.

I started –

for her—

to fulfill a long ago desire and promise—

to study and learn to read Hebrew.

We should have stood together on this Bema.

Today, I stand with my daughters.

They will wrap me in my tallit.

Together we will honor a beautiful life—the beautiful life of Suzanne.

We joined the temple

I, non-practicing

She committed

committing me to a source of life

for over 45 years.

For me, it is not the edifice

or God’s presence in it

It is my memories

It is the love of family of friends.


One Response to Day 25 – A Promise Kept

  1. Jeff Merkow September 9, 2015 at 7:42 am #

    She knows. And she is so very proud.
    Shana Tova, Jeff and Karen