Day 3 – Three Hearts Beating and Trip Wire


3 Elul 775
by Rise Kirbo

Three Hearts Beating

I lay awake in bed
My mind filling with the stuff of life.

Scenarios swirl
Crises collide
Pain pervades
Injustices ignite

But in this small space surrounded with multiple pillows, a  blue down comforter, and total darkness, three hearts beat.

Michaels slow and steady rhythm continues regardless of so many obstacles. The varied melodies weave together to create his song of survival. He is the grounding chorus in my world.

Next is Chloe, the forever staccato beat of the furry friend who chose us to be her family.  She snores softly between us, taking up the majority of space as Michael and I hover close to the edges of the bed.  She is waiting patiently for the light of day when she can stretch, wag and experience unbridled joy.

And lastly my own beat.  A soul  full melody echoing in the corners of unfamiliar  empty spaces.  Peeking behind the shadows and searching for a new and  harmonious original score.

Trip Wire

Hello God.  It’s me again. I’m glad we are heading into Elul because it’s like a trip wire for me.  I tend to get unconscious and numbed out with the minutia of my life.  I am grateful to have this reminder to jumpstart me again and reorganize my priorities.

What this means for me is:

Slowing down

Listening before reacting

Seeing without judging

Finding strength in everyday things

Embracing beauty

Feeling the power of the history I carry

And believing in faith

L’shana tova
Rise’ Kirbo

2 Responses to Day 3 – Three Hearts Beating and Trip Wire

  1. Carol Black August 18, 2015 at 9:56 am #

    Thank you Rise beautiful piece. Carol

    • Abra August 19, 2015 at 11:59 am #

      Loved it! Beautifully written.