Day 5 – Ashamnu Acrostic Poem

5 Elul 5775
by Scott Friedman
Although we justify it at the time,
Sins are wrong, and they are always a crime.
Happiness comes from atoning for sin,
And now is a chance for us to begin.
Maybe we do not know which words are right,
Nor how to begin, but the Cantor might.
Undo our sins now, just follow the lead.
Best tap your heart as you repeat the word,
And erase the sins that had once occurred.
Granted you may live a life without sin,
Atone anyway so we can all win.
Do not know why we atone for others?
Never give up on “sisters and brothers.”
Undo our sins now, just follow the lead.
G-d forgive us, we deceived and abused
Also we gossiped and falsely accused.
Zero tolerance we must now repent,
All together give one hundred percent.
Leave all sins behind and do not look back,
Nor justify sin as the only track.
Undo our sins now, just follow the lead.
All photographs of letters used in the word “Ashamnu” were donated for this specific poem and are the exclusive property of Sue Shepard. Click or enter the link to see her gallery of photographs, cards, frames, and magnets.

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