Day 7 – Blue Moon Rising

echoes-of-elul-20157 Elul 5775
by Bonnie Wenneberg

The moon looks HUGE tonight. It’s a Blue Moon – but it’s bright, bright white.

Its reflective light is a beautiful and meaningful metaphor for Elul, our people’s time for reflection.

This big and magnificent looking moon is made so, by its hidden source of light – the sun. We can’t see the sun right now, but it sure lights up our moon – so much so, that I can see a wonderful, serene “face” that I’ve always heard of as the “man in the moon”.

God is like that – hidden from direct view, but allowing us to see and feel so many wonderful, serene things. Our faith tells me these are ‘blessings’, and our tradition tells me I should look for 100 of these every day. WOW! What an amazing day that can be!

It’s a special experience to have Elul to help me refocus on blessings. It might have been a past year with many trials, tribulations, sadness and sorrows. Elul – and reflection – can help me to remember that God is with me and I don’t have to carry these burdens by myself. God’s reflective light is in the faces of my family and my friends who give me love and strength; and even in the strangers that come into my world and allow me to be of service – giving me the opportunity to reflect God’s beautiful light to someone else.

And maybe it was also a year of joy and delights, bliss, and extra special moments. Elul – and reflection – can help me count my blessings and grow my gratitude.

And you may have noticed that I have used the term ‘can’ help me. That is because choosing to reflect, and choosing to allow God to help me, are action words. Just as I can close my eyes or turn my head so I will not see this magnificent Blue Moon, I can choose to turn away from reflection and all that I can learn from it. I can refuse God’s light and help in my life — or, I can welcome it.

So since it’s midnight now, I think I’ll choose to count this Blue Moon as my first blessing of 100 on this brand new amazing day!

Blessed are You, Creator of the Universe,
Who gives me eyes to see,
A heart to feel,
A mind to reflect,
And a soul to rejoice.

May the year ahead be a GREAT year of growth, good health, prosperity, and blessings.

L’Shanah Tovah!!

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