Dead Sea visit / Polar Bear Swim

Since we were already down here in the south, we figured we may as well visit the Dead Sea!

We learned that the Dead Sea is retreating/evaporating due to the diversion of its source waters to irrigation and drinking water by 6 inches a month or 6 feet a year.

So of course we had to take a dip! Continuing on from Masada, it remained, let’s say, less than warm. Ok, it was cold. But Rabbi Cohen took a group of intrepid travelers to try to float in the Dead Sea. Luckily, they all succeeded 🙂





After floating in the briny waters, the next item on the agenda is to cover yourself with the Dead Sea mud for a relaxing spa-like experience. Well, maybe not spa-like. More like extremely silly-feeling but lots of fun!


Lastly, many of the group went into the mineral sprints – 39 degrees (celsius) water enters the spring and we had our ‘TBS hot-tubbing’ experience.


Those of us that didn’t go for the ‘polar bear spa’ were content to sit and have coffee and wait for the silly people going into the water. Too bad that the receding of the Sea means that you can’t sit and have your coffee and watch our fellow travelers at the same time. It’s now quite a hike from the cafe to the water’s edge.


On the ride home, Moti, our wonderful driver, let Rabbi Cohen sit in her favorite seat at the front of the bus.


2 Responses to Dead Sea visit / Polar Bear Swim

  1. Grammy Barbara January 30, 2012 at 8:33 pm #

    gorgeous Rabbi says Portland contingent

  2. Allen Cohen February 2, 2012 at 11:09 pm #

    I need a copy of these pictures. The mud puppies look great.