Echoes of Elul Day 10: Kindness

Elizabeth J. Cohen

I know that some of my friends out there will understand this. There are times in life when the expressions, “Let it Go” and “Was it really worth it? “ truly mean something important. In this world, kindness and caring about how others feel, really do count in how you conduct yourselves. While it may be satisfying to get your way, when you really want something, in the short run and in the end…sometimes the price may be too high. Ugly behavior is just what it is… Ugly.

We live in precarious times. At any moment someone you love, someone who is a longtime friend, or someone you just have a passing acquaintance with could disappear. They can be taken by a rampant virus or they could find out they are ill with something else. Don’t we owe it to everyone we interact with to try to get along and forgive each other for, what we perceive as, their small tempers, anxieties and foibles. No one  should reserve the right to push and bully their way into getting what they want at the expense of other’s discomfort. It shows a distinct lack of empathy, and frankly, good manners to do this. I stand behind a lifetime premise…kindness counts and unkindness in any form, even among friends is just NOT OKAY!

Color me anxious and uncomfortable

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