Echoes of Elul, Day 11: On a summer afternoon…..

By Nancy Silverman

It was the end of a summer’s day and I was on the driveway with my grandchildren Jake, 7 years old, and Grace, 4 years old, shooting baskets against the backboard that hung against the garage roof. After a few minutes of play, the basketball became lodged between the roof and the backboard.

No worries, the children told me that they knew exactly what to do in this situation. Jake stated that this happened all the time. He got the broomstick from the garage and Grace carried the step stool out from inside the house, even though it was twice her size. They opened the stool. Jake climbed it with broom in hand, attempting to poke the basketball with the broom’s handle. Unfortunately, Jake had no luck in dislodging the ball, he was too short for the broomstick to reach the ball.

As the children glumly contemplated their next move, an Amazon Prime truck drove by. Jake and Grace shouted as they waved their arms excitedly, hoping that the driver had a package for them. The truck passed them by, but within minutes the driver and his truck reappeared. Little did they know that he had something even better than a package for them.

The driver stopped his truck in the street asking if we needed help dislodging the basketball. “Yes please!” The driver, a young man in his 20’s easily dislodged the ball with the broomstick. Jake then challenged him to “make a basket”. The driver good naturedly obliged. He stood at the end of the driveway, aimed, and made the shot into the basket on his first attempt. We all cheered as the driver smiled and walked back to his truck to resume his deliveries, leaving behind two children with huge smiles on their faces.

Hopefully this interlude in the driver’s delivery of packages, brought as much pleasure to him as it did to Jack and Grace and Grandma on that summer afternoon.

May we all be present to miracles large and small that surround us every day.

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