Echoes of Elul, Day 13: An Orchid Named Hot Sause

By Risè Kirbo

I do not have a green thumb, but somehow I seem to wind up the recipient of dying and neglected plants. I don’t really want them but I can’t bring myself to abandon them to the trash, even if it’s in the compost bin.

Last summer I received an orchid. I never really liked orchids. I wanted to – but the thick rubbery flat leaves at the bottom never seemed quite right with the slender pale green stalk growing above them and the delicate crown of tropical pink flowers that adorned the top.

So, I put this orchid in a lovely basket and thought I could just enjoy the dark green leaves – as that was all there was to see. And then, without my knowledge or permission, a stem began to emerge. It was camouflaged by a branch I had placed in the pot. Not until I saw six ripe buds at the top did I even take notice.

And now, the buds are all in full bloom. They are the palest of pink with a brilliant burst of fuscia in the center, daring me not to enjoy them and rethink my opinion about orchids. How this metamorphosis took place is still a mystery to me. Was it the quarrenteen? – the fact I was around so much? Maybe the classical music that plays regularly? Could she feel me gazing at her with heavy eyes as I dozed off to sleep every night? Or the fact my grandson gave her a name?

There are unexpected lessons and miracles happening all around us. I am grateful to sometimes have the awareness to see them as such, and sometimes I think the Universe has a great sense of humor!

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