Echoes of Elul Day 16: Serious Consideration

By Caron Winston

Reflect on something! But what is reflection? According to the dictionary, as a noun, it means, “The throwing back by a body or surface of light, heat, or sound without absorbing it.” But, as a verb, it means “Serious thought or consideration.”

Let’s consider what we have all been through the last few years – isolation due to Covid, worrying about friends and loved ones, the inability to travel and mostly changing our whole method of interaction with others. Can I hug this one, shake that one’s hand, touch a utensil that someone else touched – so many considerations! We’ve experienced lots of concerns.

But, let’s consider the positive things in our lives. Thanks to modern science, you can certainly hug your family and close friends, meet a new congregant and shake his/her hand (with their permission, of course), travel to where it is safe and beautiful and look forward to a brighter future. Let’s reflect and focus on the positive – it will get us all through the rough times!

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