Echoes of Elul, Day 16: What was. What needs to be.

Mitchell Y Cohen

Whatever promise 5780 held will soon be a memory. Days, weeks, and months flowed by. Calendar plans erased.
Uneventful, yet filled with sorrow. Lives lost, racial injustice, forest fires, unprecedented weather, connections strained.
A desire for normalcy.

5781, the promise of a New Year, a Good Year. Who do we make that commitment to? G-d? Ourselves? Loved ones? Friends?

Hope, Anticipation, Expectation. This year must!

What will we do differently? What will I do differently? How can I share my purpose when we cannot be together?
My purpose… My Why.

Being with friends, old and new. Learning, laughing, sharing, helping. Contributing…
Knowing that I’m part of a larger effort to make the world a better place.
I want, I need, 5781 to fulfill that promise.

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