Echoes of Elul, Day 18: MOONSHINE

By Risè Kirbo

The old mantle clock on my dresser read 9:00 PM. Only a few hours until I would pass into a new decade of my life. I was feeling impatient and restless. Frequent glances at the clock did nothing to assuage my anxiety as the time seemed to be moving in slow motion.

I lay in my darkened room and as the new day crept closer, I began to notice the light changing around me. The full moon was casting light through the back window. As the moon rose higher and began its journey across the sky, a warm, brilliant light poured in through all my windows. The light surrounded me, casting images of gently swaying trees. My body was bathed in a blanket of light and dancing shadows – a luminous embrace, providing me comfort and support, guiding me through the last moments, of the last night, of the sixth decade of my life.

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