Echoes of Elul Day 18: The Hamster Wheel

By Rachel Benson

Life, as a “grown-up,” often feels like I’m just running on a hamster wheel.  And yes- after 24 years of officially being a grown up, the wheel seems to be going faster and faster.  Alarm chimes.  I wake up, much earlier than my circadian rhythm wants me to.  I scramble frantically to get my kids ready, get myself ready, and get everyone where they need to be.  I work all day, come home to parent chauffeur duties, household chores, which never get completely done, and suddenly, it’s bedtime.  And then the next day- wash, rinse, repeat.

But, there is something about celebrating the New Year that always brings me hope that my hamster wheel can be slowed, or modified in some positive way.  I might take a pause to reflect on what I want out of life, who I want to be, how I can impact others, and what I need, that this can truly be the start of a new beginning.  As my 10-year-old son told me in the simplest terms, “The new year means the end of one year and the beginning of the next.”  The way my hamster wheel has been turning will end and it will begin again refreshed, with a few small changes in progress, and still spinning.


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