Echoes of Elul, Day 20: Are You There Judy Blume…


Once upon a time, there was a semi-sweet young woman in despair. Meg (pseudonym) was a serious eighteen year old. She experienced severe symptoms of anxiety. Her family, boyfriend, and friends did not recognize the depth of Meg’s disorder.  She came from a tumultuous home and the loss of two young aunts and her parents’ separation was devastating.

When Meg’s anxiety escalated, she was referred to a psychiatrist and prescribed medication and psychotherapy which helped. Meg married at the age of twenty-one and her symptoms increased. A few years later her first child was born and Meg’s anxiety dissipated. A few years later, in 1970, Meg gave birth to her second child and was hospitalized shortly after due to complications of childbirth. When Meg came home she was bed ridden with symptoms of anxiety severe enough to see a therapist. Meg was diagnosed with agoraphobia with panic disorder.

“Are You There God, It Is Me Margaret” Judy Blume: 1970

Meg was housebound day and night. She was unable to take care of her children. She relied on her husband, mother and hired help. Malnourished, overwhelmed, confused, and frightened, Meg begged God to help her. “Please help me I cannot take care of my children.”  Most likely she believed in divine intervention.

After several years of psychotherapy and a restoration of faith, Meg was able function again. Most likely it’s faith in the support we seek that gives us the strength to get through our darkest moments.


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