Echoes of Elul, Day 21: Experiencing Joy a New Way

Cindy Grossberg

How things have changed in a year! Last August I wrote about experiencing the birth of my first granddaughter, Libby Jane. I reminisced about holding her for the first time, how I cherished rocking her in the wee hours of the night while her parents slept. Living so close, I have been blessed to witness every milestone, to watch her develop her own personality.

This August I met my second granddaughter, Riley Rose, via Facebook. Did I get to caress her soft skin and smell the wonderful scent of a newborn baby? No, but I did witness my son holding his beautiful daughter, knowing he is experiencing a deeper, different kind of love. Seeing my daughter-in-law beaming with pride, knowing what a wonderful mother she will be makes my heart swell.

Many special moments are out of my control, but the joy of seeing this beautiful baby feels the same. The overwhelming pride is there. Daily photos and Facetime chats bring closeness that helps ease the distance. My blessings continue to grow.

It is hard to accept our current lifestyle isn’t going away anytime soon. Let’s remember to share in the joys of family and friends. And let us relish the memories we have and the new memories we are making.

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