Echoes of Elul Day 21: Remembering Howie and Sandy Spitzer

By Mary Gonzalez

I miss my parents so much that it hurts sometimes. It is so strange going through life not being able to call or see them. My mom has been gone for more than nine years, although it feels like yesterday, while my dad passed away only 4 months ago.

And now, with the High Holy Days just around the corner, their absence is greatly noticeable. They both loved this time of year, whether it was making flower arrangements for the bima or connecting with everyone at services…this was a special time for them. And they both loved TBS. They gave so much of their time, over the years, to help make the temple a very special place.

This year’s High Holy Days theme, “New Beginnings,” has a double meaning for me. TBS is beginning an exciting new year with a new rabbi and a time to create new experiences and memories.  But, this also is a new beginning for me, personally. Beginning to live life without my parents is difficult and sad. To never see my parents volunteer and attend services is unbearably hard.  At the same time, it gives me a lot of strength  to remember them and their commitment to the temple.

I am committed to honor my parent’s memory.  In fact, my passion is to help TBS become stronger than ever before and to realize, as we embark on this new beginning, I am stronger too. I hope they are watching down and are proud of what they see. May their memory forever be a blessing.

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