Echoes of Elul Day 28: Transitions

By Alden Solovy

G-d of sacred moments,
G-d of endings and beginnings,
Hear this prayer for guidance and deliverance
As my life moves in new directions,
Onto new paths,
Into uncertain water.
Grant me courage as an answer to fear,
As the winds blow,
Strength as an answer to doubt,
As the storms gather,
And wisdom as an answer to uncertainty.
Grant me grace in the face of obstacles,
As fires rage,
Patience in the face of detours,
As the earth trembles,
And trust in the face of the unknown.
Grant me joy in my successes,
As the sun warms the land,
Humor in my defeats,
As the cactus opens a flower,
And acceptance throughout my days.
Grant me faith in Your guidance,
As songs lift my heart,
Gratitude for Your works,
As love lifts my life,
And joy in Your gifts.
G-d of Old,
Rock and Shelter,
My time is a blink,
My journey a puff of wind,
My life fra
G-d of Secrets,
Grant me delight,
Luminous, majestic delight,
In using these blessings
In service to Your Holy Name.


© 2011 Alden Solovy published on  and is used by permission of the author. All rights reserved.

Alden Solovy is one of the Reform Movement’s master poet-liturgists. He resides in Israel and visits the U.S. frequently.  We hope to bring him to TBS in the near future as a Scholar-in-Residence.

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