Echoes of Elul – Day 29

29 Elul 5773

“With commitment, engagement, gratitude and love,
we co-create our meaningful world.”
– Dr. Carol Ochs

The Echoes of Elul reflections shared over the past twenty-nine days have inspired, challenged and touched us all as we move into these High Holy Days. To all of our contributors, thank you for your creativity, your words and for sharing part of yourself with our Temple Beth Sholom community. To all of our readers, thank you for engaging in the conversation virtually, via email and blog comments, as well as with one another at TBS events and Shabbat services.

It was incredible to share the experience of Elul together as a congregation. Wishing you all a very happy, introspective and sweet new year ahead!

L’Shanah Tovah,

Juliet Friedman

…and, just in case you missed one, below is the list of reflections from Echoes of Elul 5773.

Echoes in Sound and Spirit – By Josh Friedman
Time to Try Again – By Anonymous TBS Congregant
An Open Letter to my Mother – By Elizabeth Cohen
Being Counted – By Stacy Nagel
Listen to the Sounds – By Yoni Cohen
Lost Reflections – By Scott Friedman
A Photographic Reflection – Photos by Susan Silberman
Letter to God – By Lisa Ackerman
Israel: Sea to Sea – By Jerry Rothblum
L’Dor V’Dor – By Lynn Matassarin
Watching the Oven – By Nancy Silverman
How to be a Good Person – By Halia Lindauer
Waiting on a Park Bench – By Dr. Martin Graffman
Meaningful Mitzvot – By Monica Engel
Light and Dark – Art and Poem by Jackie Gallant
Sh’ma – By Cantor David Reinwald
Precious Blessings – By Denise Stephens
A Blessing Among the Chaos – By Susie Amster
Love Makes a Family – By Stacey, Jill, Jack and Izzy Silberman
Our Legacy – By Anonymous TBS Congregant
Reflections on Blessings – By Donna Wolffe
Observing Beauty – Watercolor by Jill Weinthal
A Reflection on Love & Marriage for All – By Rabbi Cohen & Cantor Reinwald
A Time to Slow Down – By Kathy Cohen
The Days of Awe – By Sarah Schweitz
Message for Elul – By Sylvan Swartz
Exercising My Faith – By Rise Kirbo

2 Responses to Echoes of Elul – Day 29

  1. Jeff Merkow September 4, 2013 at 11:04 am #

    Thank You Juliet. Shana Tova!

  2. Matt Cohen September 4, 2013 at 11:10 am #

    I’ve enjoyed and felt inspired reading these – I appreciate the hard work put into this project and look forward to seeing and hopefully participating next year