Echoes of Elul Day 5: Remembering Dad

By Barry Levinson

A year after my dad, Murray Levinson, died suddenly of a massive heart attack, while we were at a sporting event, I saw this card and have read it many times, over the many years since his passing:

“You may think I’ve forgotten all the special things you did, when you were just my daddy and I was just your kid – the quiet times, the nursery rhymes, the silly songs, the taking alongs, the tucking in, the discipline and always, so much love! You may think I’ve forgotten all the way you’ve shown you care, how no matter where I went, I knew your love would be right there, to lend a hand, to understand, to offer cheer, to just be near, to guide along, to make me strong, and always, just to love! You may think I’ve forgotten, but Dad I never could; for you’re in everything I see that’s strong and kind and good. You’re there for me, you help me see, for all you do, I’m so very proud of you, my friend, my dad, who’s always had the best of all my love.”

One Response to Echoes of Elul Day 5: Remembering Dad

  1. Barry Levinson September 1, 2022 at 6:24 pm #

    June 3rd 1986 during an Angel Yankee game
    We had season tickets and my dad and I went to many, many games together.