Echoes of Elul Day 8: Sharing the Light

Nancy Silverman

“Disabled Mom Needs to Furnish Apartment.” The header grabbed me as I was scrolling through the Nextdoor app on my cell phone, as most of what appears on this ap is much more mundane. A woman named Leanne posted that she had a disabled friend with 2 daughters who were leaving a homeless shelter and moving into an apartment. They now needed to furnish it. They had beds and a refrigerator but needed furniture and household items. Leanne was asking neighbors for donations.

My neighbors responded to the ad with an outpouring of items that they were willing to donate. People in the neighborhood offered everything from sheets and towels to a window air conditioning unit. It was a blessing to see the Nextdoor community band together with its offers of help.

Did I have anything to donate to this disabled woman and her two girls? It just so happened that I had decided only a few days previously to get rid of an end table and a brass table lamp, as I had bought a new lamp and no longer could use the table.
I had contemplated selling the end table and lamp, and had made a mental note to photograph them for use in an ad. But now I would be spared that effort. Instead I simply put the 2 items out on my porch for Leanne to pick up at her convenience on a mutually agreed upon day.

It felt good to be of help in furnishing this disabled woman’s apartment. I wondered about her. What was her disability? Why had she become homeless? Where was her new apartment? I wish her well in her new start on life.

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