Echoes of Elul Day 9: An Alarming Tale of Change

By Scott Friedman

At 4:23 a.m., long before an alarm was scheduled to announce the morning, I woke with the feeling my attack parrot needed something. The deafening sounds of silence urged me to get out of bed and take immediate action. However, upon standing, I continued to hear nothing and I considered the possibility the “sounds” were auditory hallucinations from a bad dream. As I walked toward the bird, with the steadiness of raspberry Jell-O cubes, the sounds of silence turned into the sounds of squawking, which emitted from somewhere ahead.

Perhaps, my bad dream was actually a premonition that something bad was about to happen. Although I had not previously heard the squawking sound, I was certain I was hearing a distress call, rather than the sound a demanding bird might make when summoning its human.

As I quickly stumbled toward the bird, with no cane to steady my legs or light to illuminate my path, my body naturally found a few walls that aggressively guided me to the bird. When I turned on lights near the bird, I immediately noticed a visibly annoyed bird, curious as to why I woke it early that morning. Maybe, the sound I was hearing was nothing more than the sound a parrot makes when dreaming about an encounter with a hungry predator.

I was too tired to walk back to bed at that time, so I sat on the couch near the annoyed avian. Even though the lights were on, I quickly entered the universe of cryptic dreams. Prior to falling asleep, I remember thinking “I am ready for a new beginning. “

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