Echoes of Elul, Day 9: Experiencing the Magic

By Scott J. Friedman

I woke at 4:23 a.m. with the feeling my attack parrot needed something. As I staggered toward the cage, I stepped bare foot on a sea of seeds and shells she had thrown on the floor to ensure I knew she wanted new food and water. I did not see the reminder due to the darkness of the hour. However, once I turned on the lights, there was no doubt I needed to vacuum the floor before I could approach the bird’s food and water dishes.

When I first moved the vacuum cleaner to clear my path to the cage, I realized a lizard was sleeping under the vacuum cleaner. During the past 50 years, I had never seen a lizard in the house. I was shocked and awed by this magical moment. As quickly as possible, I escorted the lizard to shrubbery in the front yard. I thought that was the end of the story, but wait . . . there’s more.

When I exited the front door the following day, I immediately stopped when I noticed an exotic lizard blocking my path.

As we stared each other down, the exotic lizard began to challenge me to what I believed was 100 pushups. I briefly considered accepting the challenge, but strongly felt I would pass out after my third or fourth pushup. I must have gestured something highly offensive, because at that moment the exotic lizard stopped doing pushups and aggressively sprinted at me. To my surprise, the exotic lizard stopped at my left foot and calmly stayed there for about three minutes before slowly walking away. After a few steps, the exotic lizard paused, turned to face me, and waived as if to say, “Thank you, we will meet again!” Then it quickly disappeared into a nearby shrub.

A friend asked me to consider the possibility that the exotic lizard was actually my reincarnated Dad thanking me for rescuing my reincarnated Mom who had entered the house to check on me. After “mom” knew I was safe and well, she fell asleep under the vacuum cleaner. I pondered this for a while and began to feel compassion and appreciation for all sentient beings and the messages they bring us about being part of the whole. We all need each other.

Regardless of our political leanings, we need to pay more attention to the environment and to our neighbors of all species, ethnicities, genders, beliefs, colors, and religions. May this coming year, 5782, be the time when we all work together addressing the problems plaguing our world.
Let magic moments fill our heart, mind, and soul this year and for all eternity.

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