Echoes of Elul 5782

TBS is pleased to announce the return of our popular blog called Echoes of Elul. Submissions are now being accepted. Our theme is: New Beginnings.

“I believe there are echoes of a Divine Spirit all around us.
But only if I take deliberate time to be present, can I connect with them.
If I exercise a muscle, it will grow stronger.
This year I will exercise my faith.”  (
Excerpt from past Echo of Elul)

The Echoes are a compilation of personal reflections, memories and insights, we have experienced in the last year. Judaism provides us this special time of Elul to pause, take stock, and review our personal inventory. Introspection helps guide us as we move forward with faith, forgiveness, and renewal.

Echoes of Elul 2022: The Blog

All are encouraged to participate. No experience necessary. The format includes short essays, poetry, art, photography, audio stories, and music. Contributions are shared online with the congregation during the 29 days of Elul coming in late August. Feel free to team up with family or friends to create something unique.

Our theme this year is New Beginnings.

Some possible prompts include , but are not limited to:
Navigating new beginnings
What lessons will I bring forward/leave behind
Everyday miracles
In what ways do I recharge.
Share a favorite book passage, quote or poem and why this speaks to you.
Share photos or artwork of your own along with reasons why you choose these images to share.

Please join us by submitting an Echo to this important program as together we embark on our journey through the Echoes of Elul.

The TBS website has a fillable form available, or you may use a word document such as Microsoft Word and email it directly to Jeff Merkow. Please provide contact information. Please attach any images you care to and limit essays to 300-400 words.

Submit using the link below or by using a word document such as Microsoft Word and email directly to Jeff Merkow

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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