Elul Reflections 6 – August 28

Rabbi Richard Steinberg

The 1st of Tishrei we will welcome the new Jewish Year.  The Hebrew word Rosh means “Head” in English.  The Hebrew word “Shana” means “Year” in English.  However, you may know that Hebrew is made up of three letter roots.  And the root of the word “Shana” literally means “change.”

This spiritual period of time gives us an opportunity to fix that which is broken and find new ways of doing things.  When we “change” our “heads,” our thinking, our approaches to issues, relationships and challenges in our lives then the new year becomes sweet.  This time of year gives us the chance to look at things anew, recalculate and reexamine so as to make good choices that bring us happiness and satisfaction.  Rosh Hashanah is the season of changing the way we think about lives.

May this New Year bring us goodness, blessing and health as we all “Change our Heads.”


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