Day 6 –  A Biblical Cat Story?

6 Elul 5776
by Ingrid Rothman

In June, my house consisted of 3 cats-Mimi 15 years, Timmy 7 years and Don Juan somewheres around 10 years(inherited from my Mom). Sweet healthy Mimi suddenly died (possible stroke). Our hearts were broken, but no way was I going to get another cat.

Then, a week after Mimi died, this epic begins. Late afternoon on my way home I was stopped at a traffic light(Lemon & Commonwealth in Fullerton). The car in the left hand lane starts turning as a tiny, startled kitten drops from under. The kitten ran in front of me and attempts to climb up and under the car in front of me.  The light changes. the car moves on and the kitten falls into very busy traffic. I managed to stop traffic with the help of a young man. We could not find the kitten.  He checked under my car and I checked the engine.  How did this little creature escape 5 lanes of traffic is a mystery.  I continued going home, stopping for groceries on my way.

The next morning as I opened my garage door, out ran a ball of fur.  For the next 3 weeks it hid and lived in my messy, hot garage. I supplied water, food, liter pan and fan. Also had classical music softly playing.  Any attempt to catch it failed.In the mornings, the food would be gone and the liter pan used.   My vet’s advice was to sit and talk to the phantom kitten several times a day.  The garage was pizza oven hot.  Slowly it was getting braver and started to show itself.  I managed to catch it and take to vet where they bathed, got rid of the fleas, worms and vaccinated her. She, yes an approximately 3 month old healthy calico.

So, of course Millie has a home, ruling over Don Juan, Timmy and me.
Now the questions:
1.  Where was she before she crawled under the first car she fell out of?
2. How did she survive traveling under my car especially Fullerton’s hills and my steep driveway?
3. How did she survive the garage heat?  And the most important question-
4.  Did Mimi send her?

I choose to think a higher power directed all of this and life is full of little miracles.

PS – I’m really not a crazy cat lady!



3 Responses to Day 6 –  A Biblical Cat Story?

  1. Carol Black September 9, 2016 at 12:53 pm #

    MimI knew you needed to be balanced family and Mimi knew this dear little cat needed a loving home. Now you have three cats plus you
    And the baby cat has a loving home for life.
    Great job Ingrid.

  2. Jada Robitaille September 9, 2016 at 4:30 pm #

    What an amazing story! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  3. Elizabeth V Morrow September 10, 2016 at 9:21 am #

    1) Most likely that was her owner’s car or someone else’s she found when she was thrown out into the streets.
    2) She had to find a corner or a space under your car that held her securely and safely. Besides, remember she has claws to grab into something and kept her balanced.
    3) You put out for her food, water and a fan to circulate the air, three basic things to meet basic physical needs. Remember she is an animal and her fur helps her to cope and adapt to weather changes. Your messy garage must not be as hot to her as it is to you.
    3) No, Mimi didn’t send her, maybe it was Adonai, Shehina or your late husband. Or, most likely, it was Cleopatra or an Egyptian god who wanted you to take care of another cat.