Elul Reflections 19 – September 10

Rabbi Brad Levenberg

As I reflect upon my most recent visit to Israel, I was struck by the fact that we visited the coastal town of Akko in the same day that we made our way to Yad VaShem, Israel¹s official memorial to the Holocaust. The crashing sounds of relentless waves dancing in the shadows of light and dark, the obscuring clouds and the small rays of sun fighting to be seen… all of it framing a memory of 6 million souls who perished in a sea of hate. Yet, as I wandered the waves of the memorial, I could not help but recall the lighthouse I saw in Akko that morning. The lighthouse, and the reminder that we can all shine a light into the darkness…each and every one of us can do our part to bring light to pledge “never again.” We all can be that lighthouse, right? With the rising tides of darkness all around us it seems we need more lighthouses… Who will commit to being one in the year ahead? Who will stand up to the sea and the darkness in 5778? Who will do more than just remember?


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