Elul Reflections 26 – September 17

Rabbi Gersh Zylberman

When I work with wedding couples, I employ a pre-marital counselling tool known as Prepare. During my sessions with each couple, we explore multiple dimensions of their relationship; we identify strengths and weaknesses, discuss personality traits, family dynamics, expectations, hopes and dreams; we practice healthy communication and conflict resolution skills. In these sessions we get ready, “Prepare”, not for the wedding itself, but for the day after the wedding, and every day after that. We prepare for their marriage which, we pray, will last for the rest of their lives. During the month of Elul, like a wedding couple nearing their wedding day, as individuals, couples and families, we have the chance to prepare for the Days of Awe that are rapidly approaching. We are called upon to look into the mirror, to identify our strengths and weaknesses, consider our personality traits, family interactions, our expectations, hopes and dreams. While it is true that during the month of Elul we prepare for the High Holy Days, in truth we are really preparing for the day after and every day after that. In truth, we are preparing for the rest of our lives. Are you prepared?


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