TBS Communication/Publicity Guidelines

There are a variety of ways that we communicate with our congregation and community about our programming here at Temple Beth Sholom. These guidelines include instructions on how to submit information about your upcoming program to ensure proper visibility through one or more lines of communication. Whether we build a whole campaign for your event by using multiple resources or only use one or two of the following resources, our goal is to create successful publicity for your each and every program and TBS.

TBS Communication Resources

  • TBS Website
  • Weekly Online News
  • Program Specific Email Blasts
  • TBS Facebook Page and Events
  • TBS Twitter
  • Flyers (electronic and/or printed)
  • Printed Invitations
  • Community Calendar
  • USPS Mail
  • Online Event Registration
  • Indoor Posters or Pop-Up Stands
  • Large Outdoor Banners
  • Congregational Connections (when volunteers are needed)
  • Survey Monkey


Working back from your program/event date, you should begin your online publicity 6 weeks prior to the date of your event. Over 80% of our congregation is on our online mailing list and has regular access to the internet. So this electronic communication of some sort is a really good place to start your publicity.

  • For Online News, Email Blasts, and Website publicity, all information should be turned into Juliet or the TBS Office four weeks prior to your event.
  • If you need extra assistance in creating artwork, online registration, flyers, or a facebook event, please contact the TBS office to set up a time to meet six weeks prior to your event.
  • Going forward, please use the Publicity Planning Form  as a tool for submission of your Event.

Guidelines for Online News/Email Blast Requests

Online News – All submissions should be received 4 weeks prior to event date

  • The Temple Beth Sholom Online News is sent every Tuesday
  • All requests for the online news must be submitted by the previous Friday to ensure that we get them into the Tuesday online news.
  • Your request should include a blurb in paragraph format with the following information
    • Title
    • 2-3 Sentences about the event that includes the following
      • Date/Time/Location
      • -Contact Person(s) information
      • Links to another website if needed (i.e. mitzvah meals sign ups or http://www.wrj.org, etc.)
      • Send a flyer attachment for your event if applicable

Here is an example of what your blurb should look like…

Sisterhood Membership Brunch: Sunday, October 17, 2010 at 10:00 a.m.

Join Sisterhood for a wonderful brunch in the TBS Social Hall with featured speaker, Kelly Borgen of I Heart Olde Town Orange. Kelly will be speaking on how to make the most of new social media. The brunch is complimentary for Sisterhood Members and $18 for non-members and guests. Download the flyer for registration information or contact <Organizer name> at <email@add.ress> or 714-555-1212 for further information.


Email Blasts

Please send  all of the information in an email form exactly the way you would want it to look in the Email Blast, not as a PDF or Flyer. All requests should be submitted 4 weeks prior to your event. We do not want to clutter people’s inboxes and this will give the TBS office a chance to work your email request into our email schedule.

Your email should include

  • Subject for Email Blast
  • A well written email that will make your event inviting and exciting to our congregants. It should include
    • Date/Time/Location
    • Contact Person(s) information (how do they RSVP??)
    • Links to another website if needed (i.e. mitzvah meals sign ups or http://www.wrj.org, etc.)
    • Send a flyer attachment for your event if applicable
    • Corresponding Artwork or photo if applicable


Here are a few examples of Email Blasts