February Shabbaton With Rabbi Shelton Donnell & Wendy Bocarsky

February 21-24, 2019

In honor of Presidents Weekend our theme will be “Providence, Power and Perspective: How Judaism Views Leaders and Leadership.”

Thursday, February 21

“An Evening With a Good Book” — Waking Lions, by Ayelet Gundar-Goshen

Rabbi Donnell & Soni Sanberg (7:00pm)

Waking Lions offers a commentary on privilege and otherness, challenging readers to confront their own blind spots and preconceptions….Trained as a clinical psychologist, Gundar-Goshen examines her characters with the same formidable gaze. Nobody emerges unscathed….Gundar-Goshen is adept at instilling emotional depth into a thriller plot, delivering the required twists and turns along with an incisive portrayal of her characters’ guilt, shame and desire, fluidly shifting between their perspectives….Readers will be rewarded by [Waking Lions’] exhilarating, cinematic finale. Skillfully translated by Sondra Silverston, Waking Lions is a sophisticated and darkly ambitious novel, revealing an aspect of Israeli life rarely seen in its literature.―Ayelet Tsabari, New York Times Book Review

About the author— Ayelet Gundar-Goshen was born in Israel in 1982 and holds an MA in clinical psychology from Tel Aviv University. She has worked for the Israeli civil rights movement, and is an award-winning screenwriter. She won Israel’s prestigious Sapir Prize for best debut. Waking Lions, her first novel published in the U.S., has been translated into nine languages.

Friday, February 22

Shabbat Service — led by Rabbi Donnell & Cantor Reinwald

To introduce our Shabbaton topic, Rabbi Donnell will speak on “Moses and Aaron—Two Different Kinds of Leadership.”

Saturday, February 23

Torah Study with Rabbi Donnell (9:15-10:25)

Parashat Ki Tisa (— Exodus 30:11-34:35) “And Out Came This Cow!”

Haftarah I Kings 18:1-39

Shabbat Morning Service (10:30am) led by Rabbi Donnell & Cantor Reinwald

Sunday, February 24

“The Seven P’s of Leadership in Jewish Tradition.” With Rabbi Donnell (9:00-10:25am).

“Citizen Cohen—Jewish Views on Citizenship and Being Part of a Community” with Wendy Bocarsky (10:30-Noon).

“More Love From My Mother’s Kitchen — Desayuno/Brunch with Rabbi Donnell.”(12:00-2:00pm) | $36

Some of my fondest childhood memories are of my mother and the aunties setting out a table for “Desayuno,” the traditional Sephardic brunch and the centerpiece of many family gatherings when I was young. The table would be groaning under the load of the delectable borekas, boyos, quajados, and kesos (you’ll need to be there to find out what they are). There was always enough to feed an army— even after the legions of family loaded their plates to over-flowing. These were sweet and savory memories (literally as well as figuratively). You can join us for a recreation of those memorable meals, hosted by Hollis O’Brien and Parties by Panache (with help from Wendy Bocarsky). You will come away with some delicious memories of your own, I guaranty it!
Don’t miss this Reservations Only fundraiser. Proceeds support Adult Education at TBS.

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