Finish the Turn – Day 18

18 Elul 5774
By Rhea Dorn

The most important maneuver I make when skiing is “finish the turn” before making the next one.  It sets me up to ride smoothly down the mountain, dancing across the snow while singing a waltz.  Why?  Control and body position are important: not too much speed, upright, lean forward.  BUT above all else, finish the turn.  Translate this into keeping Shabbat.

As a Reform Jew I am not a “keeper of Shabbat” but try to  bring Shabbat Shalom into my life each week.  There’s Torah Study at 9:15 and following that, the third Shabbat each month, I have the opportunity to  participate in the lay led service.  This aids my “finishing the turn”,  setting me up to more fully dance across the day humming the songs of Shabbat.  So, I invite you to “finish the turn” with me the third Shabbat each month.


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